Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episode #22-It Exists

In the News:
A Great Squee in the Force!

More Xwing

Only Moisture in our house

We await a medical update with Antici-SAY IT-pation

If You’re Friends don’t Dance....

20 Years since finale of Cheers...great hang outs

If you really want to go to Moe’s

Flavor Flashback
Handi snacks Crackers and Cheese Spread fun...not that filling

They’re Bringing it Back Up
New, action-packed Man of Steel trailer:

Have you Ever
Popeye (1980)

The film set is now a theme park in Malta. No kidding.

Pic of how it looks today:

Episode #21-Here's the Episode (Fixed)

A Little insight into how I Edit the show...We all record our own feeds then I multi-track them. Somehow before final mixdown a number of tracks shifted out of sync. I didn't realize this until the show had been released. Here's Episode #21 repaired. Enjoy

In the News:
How to write Trek

The Riker Maneuver

We’re Teasing plastic!

One more ride on the Roller Coaster!

Flavor Flashback
Lunchables...tasty, expensive, not so filling.

They’re Bringing it Back Up
Pac is Back!

And it looks bad.

He'll be back

Cgi turtle power
More of a guy in a CGI suit

Have you Ever
Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Wrestling

Star Watch
Animated series on the way

Worf Gets Denied Again and Again on STNG